North Carolina Landlord/Tenant Law

When you rent a home in North Carolina, you have certain rights and responsibilities. The North Carolina Department of Justice provides a detailed manual describing the rights and responsibilities of both Tenant and Landlord. You can view the document here. The complete statutes can be found here.

For another helpful summary of Landlord/Tenant laws, visit this page.

NC statutes on Option to Purchase Contracts Executed with Lease Agreements can be found here.

Repossession of Mobile Home Law

North Carolina law provides for the legal repossession of a mobile home when a tenant has been evicted from the leased lot and a writ of possession has been executed. See G.S. 44A-2(e2) for details. In brief, this process requires attaching a lien to the home after submitting forms LT-262 and LT-260 to the NCDMV.