Former Rent Credit Program - No Longer Offered

Our "Mobile Home Rent Credit Program" offers a unique path to home ownership. While renting a mobile home in our community, residents can earn rent credits that can be applied toward the future.

Over the course of the lease term, residents in good standing receive rent credits for paying rent on time and taking care of their home.

At the end of the lease term or any extension, residents in good standing can put their credits to use. Rent credits equivalent to as much as 100% of the home rent paid each month can go toward any home purchase within our community. (Home rent is defined as the excess rent over the lot rent in the community for that home.)

When you’ve accumulated enough rent credits, you can apply them to any available home in our community, not just the one you are living in at the time!

Most of Our Homes Can Be Purchased in 5 Years Or Less!

Save thousands of dollars by purchasing your own home! Even with bad credit, you can still qualify for our program, and let the savings begin. The credit program is designed to help our residents achieve the dream of home ownership and stop throwing away all of their money away on rent.

We want Everyone to Reach their Dream of Home Ownership!

For those who are serious about home ownership within 3-6 years, our rent to own program allows you to purchase reward credits upfront (similar to making a down payment when buying a home), then earn a credit of up to 100% of your monthly home payment.


Rent to Own with Rent Credits

Monthly Rent

As advertised

Rent Credit toward home purchase?

Yes! (100% of trailer rent)

Security deposit

(Doubled if bad or no rental history or moving from out of area)


Pet Fee nonrefundable deposit

(applied to purchase of home)


Monthly Pet Fee

(May be waived for $350 one-time payment)


Down payment

(Initial Rent Credit Purchase)

$900 (or $75/mo for 12 months)

Depending on your background check, it may be possible to approve you to move into your home without having 100% of the security deposits and down payments paid. Just let us know how much you have to work with for your move, and we will do our best to start you on the road to home ownership!

Home Ownership is Closer Than You May Think!

The fine print: Credits have no cash value and can only be redeemed to purchase a home. You are responsible for minor repairs and basic maintenance of the home. If a repair is over $100, please contact us. We will make the repair and add it to the credits required to obtain the home if you cannot afford to repay us for the repair.